Marketing per tatuatori: 7 strategie evergreen

Marketing per tatuatori: 7 strategie evergreen

Are you a tattoo artist? Do you want to fill your diary with customers but don’t know how? Or are you simply looking for an effective way to promote your business ?

If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then this article is for you! Today I want to reveal 7 evergreen marketing strategies for tattoo artists . The target? Relaunch your business, give a hard time to the competition and above all build a solid and expanding customer base.

From the professional website to the creation of the brand, up to networking and Google My Business, with my advice you will no longer have to jostle to find customers and make yourself known.

Just think that it’s only the trend of tattoos that give you visibility. What you need is a step by step marketing strategy and the advice of a real marketing coach, like me. Roll up your hands and take action, the breakthrough of your business starts here!


Ever thought that a tattoo studio could become a brand?

The good overseas tattoo artists with lots of television series in tow and showrooms to make anyone pale, teach that anything can become a successful brand, with the right means . Even more so if we are talking about a rapidly growing sector, such as that of tattoos. 

The first strategy to promote your tattoo studio? Create your brand.

As? Well, for someone like you who bases his work on an artistic expression, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with these ideas :

  • Name of your studio: Make it catchy and sum up the philosophy of your business
  • The logo
  • Graphics and image design, both online and offline
  • A differentiating idea that sets you apart from everyone else in your industry


Not having a website would not only not make you visible online, but it would deprive you of many opportunities! And I’ll tell you why: 

  • A professional website created by professionals, complete with blog and SEO strategy is essential to have visibility, especially online.
  • Thanks to the site you can open up to a larger market share and attract more and more customers.
  • The competitors? With a well-structured online presence you can more easily “spy” on your competitors, learn from them and beat them across the board. 

Your website is your virtual showcase , in which to represent your business in all respects and through which to get in touch with your market niche… Do you need to know more to convince you? Open your website now and make yourself known!


Social media and tattoo marketing can have a very close and beneficial link…if built in the right way! Too often I come to the rescue of entrepreneurs who use social media incorrectly, not to say improperly! When you open social channels of your business, professionalism is the basis for a successful marketing strategy .

How to promote your tattoo studio on social media? 

  • With a professional social profile
  • With beautiful images of your studio and above all of your creations
  • With video contributions showcasing your work and artwork
  • Through the social platforms that give greater prominence to your work, i.e. those like Instagram that are focused on images, your winning and promotional weapon!
  • With reviews (which I will tell you about in the next paragraph) 


How useful are reviews in marketing for tattoo artists? More than you think! In fact, reviews are real business cards for your business, which thanks to web tools can reach a surprising diffusion and reach.

In this sense, social networks (from Facebook to Instagram or Pinterest and so on) are an excellent showcase for highlighting your work and the direct experiences of your customers. As? By showcasing reviews and advertising them on your social channels. To be effective, reviews must be from a storytelling perspective and accompanied by images, which let me tell you, are essential for promoting your work as a tattoo artist!

And word of mouth ? Is it really still that effective? It may seem strange to you but it is one of the most important marketing and promotion techniques still today! When it comes to a business like yours, in close contact with customers, word of mouth can help you increase your customer base very quickly and fill your appointment book! 


Another way to fill your schedule and promote your studio is through online bookings . Oh yes, because marketing for tattoo artists isn’t just about posting photos  of your works or showing off on social media. It is essential to establish a relationship of mutual trust and knowledge with your market niche, encouraging them to book with you!

Would you ever go get a tattoo if it was difficult to make contacts or even just an appointment at that studio? Of course not! 

Online bookings, together with the website and all the social channels, are very useful in this sense and make the relationship with your customers much more streamlined and informal . To do this effectively, you can use the numerous means that the web and technology offer you. First of all your website, where you have to enter all contact details and possibly a calendar through which to book. Also make use of reservations via messages or better yet WhatsApp. And why not, you can also use social platforms to collect reservations or requests from your customers.


Now I want to tell you about another very valid tool , but which few, too few still know how to use correctly today: Google My Business . 

Why use it for your tattoo business and how can it help you?

  • First of all because it is a free platform made available by Google, which allows you to create a profile of your business and monitor your activity
  • Secondly, because it allows you to show your studio on Google Maps and thus take advantage of geolocation, so that your customers can find you (even if you don’t have a website)
  • Because by filling in all fields correctly, paying particular attention to the description, you can increase your online visibility


Many marketing strategies today translate into online marketing, effective yes, but not always sufficient. To be successful what you need is an online and offline marketing mix . Indeed, if you really want to promote your tattoo studio and make yourself known in your field, you certainly cannot forget networking and direct relationships .

What am I talking about? Participation in fairs, conventions, tattoo festivals or sectors complementary to yours!

The aim is not only to fill the agenda and increase your customer base, but to network and build beneficial relationships with other operators in your sector. Nothing pays more than having notoriety and esteem outside and inside your field of activity.

By participating in fairs and events, you may have the opportunity to meet other tattoo artists, who from competitors could become allies . Or simple enthusiasts and potential customers… and finally, you could also meet publishers and investors in the sector, who could include your works in their publications and grow your business.

And you, what strategy do you have in mind for your tattoo studio?

Contact me and tell me about your goals! Together we will find the winning strategy!

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